Services & Prices

All work will start with a pre-assessment and safety check. Taking a few minutes to look over your bike, going through any problems you might be having and talking through any issues and what you’d like looked at. From there I can give you a quote and book your bike in.


I offer a pick up and drop off service for your convenience.  So I can pickup or drop off your bike to work around your scheduled  From £10.

Services start from;

£25 Service:

Pre-assessment+safety check, drive-train cleaned and chain lubed, all cables checked and lubed, brake and gears aligned and set up. Bearings checked for wear, all bolts checked and torqued and tyres inflated.

£50 Service:

All of the above from the £25 service, cables and casings replaced if necessary + £ for parts, as well as headset striped, cleaned and greased. Tyres inflated and wheels trued in jig.

From £90 full strip-down and rebuild- not including parts unless specified.

Full strip down of your bike with all parts/ frame stripped, cleaned and checked for wear/ play re-greased refitted and rebuilt with new cables and casings throughout. Assessment of all parts throughout and advisories given of any wear or parts needed. Any new parts needed will be refitted as part of the service. The cost of the parts are not included. Not including suspension or hydraulic brake servicing. Finishing with a full safety check.

Rear suspension bearing service/ clean, re-grease and rebuild from £30 not including new bearings if needed.

Bottom bracket  striped,  cleaned & rebuilt £20 +cost of parts

Headset striped cleaned, greased & rebuilt  £20 + cost of parts

Front wheel bearing service/replacement £10 Rear wheel £15

£15 for single hydraulic brake bleed and set up, £25 for both.

£5 to set up rear or front gears, £10 for both.

£10 to fit new gear or brake cable and set up gears or brakes + cost of cable.

£5 brake block fitting set up + cost of parts.

£10 disk brake pads fitted and bedded in £15 for both + cost of parts

Wheel truing from £8

Puncture repair from £5

fitting a new inner tube £5 + cost of tube

Fitting a tubeless tyre/ making wheel tubeless £15 per wheel + cost of sealant or tubeless kit

Minimum charge for any work £5

£5 to fit an item/part or £35 ph to fit multiple items/parts

All cleaners, degreasers, grease and lubricants are biodegradable and Eco friendly where possible and to the highest standard as well as all unused materials are recycled i.e. old/used cables/parts and packaging